Will 2013 be the last year in Florida for Daylight Savings Time??

Will 2013 be the last year in Florida for Daylight Savings Time??

 Daylight Saving may go bye bye

That question may become a reality if Sen. Danny Soto’s Sunshine Protection Act passes. If it does pass, then it will take affect January 2014 and when we spring forward March 2014, it will be the last time and Florida may become the 3rd state, not to practice Daylight Savings.

So, what does this mean for us Floridians? It means the sun will stay out longer in the evenings, so those of us who grill in the winter will be able to see what we are burning. Oops, I mean grilling. An extra hour of light will mean more Vitamin D, less driving in the dark, more play time for the kiddos and no more rembering to spring forward and fall back. Heck,our state is the Sunshine State, so it only makes sense to pass it. :)

I know on First Coast New’s facebook page, they had posted this article and alot of people were wondering who cares, and why weren’t they concentrating on more important things. I think it’s kind of nice to read about something different, and less stressful.

So, what do you think?



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